Gerry Mulligan Documentary

GM_AOS_215If you haven’t seen it already, “Listen: Gerry Mulligan” is a beautiful and interesting documentary which spans the life and career of Gerry Mulligan.

It is rich with footage of the artist himself; performing, interviewing and teaching, as well as interviews with friends and musicians, and insights into the depth of his musical genius, by Jon Newsom, then “Chief of Music” at The Library of Congress, Dave Brubeck, Wynton Marsalis and others.

The Documentary, sponsored by the Library of Congress via a grant from “The Ira & Leonore Gershwin Fund” is part of the “Gerry Mulligan: The Age of Steam” two disc set: which includes an audio CD with the Dolby Digital Remastered Mix of the original A&M recording “The Age of Steam”, as well as a DVD containing the Documentary, interviews with several of the participants in the recordings, a Gerry Mulligan Master Class, and printable Sheet Music for all the parts for each composition on the recording.

The documentary is available, in full, for viewing online:

The Complete 2-Disc set is available for purchase.