Gerry Mulligan

The Gerry Mulligan Concert Jazz Band: Umbria Jazz Festival 1988

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In 2001, this charitable organization was established to fulfill Gerry's wish of supporting young musicians to attend music school, and to donate music instruments to inner city schools. In addition, the Foundation is also interested in perpetuating the music of Gerry Mulligan for educational purposes. Learn More

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Carnegie Hall Concert

Release Date: 1987
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  • About Gerry

  • Gerry Mulligan occupies a unique place in the American musical scene. As composer, arranger, saxophonist and conductor, he played a vital role in the history of modern jazz and contemporary music.


    As one of the great jazz innovators, his writing and playing influenced entire stylistic movements, including both "cool jazz" and "bossa nova." He also wrote for Musicals, Chamber Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra.


    He was consistently voted number one in jazz polls around the world.

    See the Gerry Mulligan Collection at the Library of Congress